Improve your people’s mental resilience, physical health, and engagement.
In the new normal and beyond.

“Great organisations are built on a foundation of healthy and engaged people.”...

Paul Hopcraft, Managing Director

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Over 30,000 employees use Work Health Checks to improve their Mental resilience and Physical Health leading to greater Engagement and Productivity for your Business…..Try it for Free. We think you’ll like it…

Work Health Checks Is Leading Through
The New Normal and Beyond

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, taking care of your
wellbeing is more important than ever.

Work Health Checks gives your people everything they need to strengthen mental resilience, physical health and increase engagement in the ways that matter most.

Our Platform

The world’s first behavior change platform combining data, stories, and actionable microsteps to take your people on a lifetime journey of improved well-being and performance through the new normal and beyond.

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Supporting Your Employee’s Mental Resilience, Physical Health and Engagement

From when an employee commences work until when they leave, Work Health Checks for the first time allows you to manage their Health and Wellbeing for a healthier and more productive workforce.

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The Power of Listening

Consolidate feedback. Throughout the employee lifecycle. From New Starters to Exit Assessments. With real-time dashboard. So you can act.

The first platform that gives you a snapshot of your employee health, wellbeing and engagement, combining data to support you and your people on a journey of improved health and wellbeing through the new normal and beyond.

CheckRecommendations, tips and insights at individual and organisational level

CheckIndividual, Organisation and Industry Health and Wellbeing Tracking and Trending


reporting being more equipped to manage stress
- Aged Care group


reporting increases in productivity
- Financial Services Group


reduction in absence and Workers Compensation costs
- Food Manufacturer


saved due to turnover reduction
- Health Services Group


Trusted by thousands of employees. Your Health, Wellbeing and Engagement Platform. In One Place.
(Start using for free and upgrade as you grow)


for up to 5 employees for an unlimited period of time

$0 /mth

All the basics to get you started:

  • Access to General Health and Wellbeing Check
  • Partial organisation dashboard


For small to medium sized businesses

$3 /mth

All the benefits of free, and:

  • Full Organisational dashboard for physical health, mental resilience and engagement
  • Customised assessments
  • Confidential medical reviews
  • Access to all Assessments
  • Targeted content to improve health and wellbeing


For larger businesses or those with additional support

$4 /mth

All the best of Standard, and:

  • Advanced features for organisations
  • Advanced features for organisations that want real time Health and Wellbeing support for their employees
  • Advanced features for organisations
  • Live chat with medical resources to guide you to next steps
  • Access to Resource Library
  • Industry Benchmarking


For groups such as peak bodies and very large businesses

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For very large organisations with dedicated support needs.

  • Streamlined administration with centralised controls and customizable policies
  • Tailored support with a designated medical support, account and customer success team
  • Pricing discount based on volume users (more than 1,000)
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