National Work Health Checks Program

COVID-19 UPDATE: The National Work Health Checks program is working closely with the Department of Health and WorkCover authorities guidelines to assist employers at this time. It is more important than ever to monitor the Health and Wellbeing of your workforce at work and as they return to work. On this basis, a number of new assessments have been developed to assist including:

  • Working from Home Self Assessment (including mental health)
  • Returning to Work Self Assessment
  • General Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment (as followup assessment to determine High, Medium and Low risk staff)
  • COVID-19 Screening Check (general screening symptom checker)
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What is Work Health Checks?

Work Health Checks is a simple and cost effective platform of online self-assessments that your employees complete. From pre employment to injury, absence and exit, there is a Work Health Check to suit every situation. Once completed, an assessment is expertly reviewed and sent to you within 48 hours.

How it Helps you?

Most employers are currently not monitoring the health of their employees. By so doing they are leaving themselves exposed to worker health issues which go unreported. Once an online health assessment is completed, the worker has stated their physical and mental health and wellbeing status. The resultant report sent back puts you in control and creates an audit history of the health status of an employee. Companies using Work Health Checks typically report a reduction in absence and workers compensation costs of around 40%.

How It Works

Step 1

Through your customer portal , select from a range of assessments and automatically send a link to the employee for the assessment to be completed.

Step 2

When the employee has completed an assessment it is automatically sent for expert review and recommendations.

Step 3

After being reviewed, the report is then available to you online within 48 hours.

We have a National Doctors Network, no need for you to organise expensive unnecessary visits.

Managing the Employee’s Health and Wellbeing Lifecycle

From when an employee commences work until when they leave, Work Health Checks for the first time allows you to manage their Health and Wellbeing for a healthier and more productive workforce.

Our Satisfied Customers

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"Work Health Checks will change the way you think about Health and Wellbeing in your workplace"
Paul Hopcraft, Managing Director

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